Total Source Manufacturing is a one-stop location for companies in need of disposable apparel. Thanks to our relationships with manufacturers around the world, we carry an extensive selection of direct from factory disposable apparel for our medical, non-medical and cleanroom industry customers. Our assortment of disposable apparel includes aprons, beard covers, head coverings, shoe covers, sleeves, coveralls, face masks, lab coats, frocks, isolation gowns and gloves. Total Source Manufacturing ensures that all of the disposable apparel we carry meets the requirements set by local and international regulatory groups, and are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices. Aside from our commitment to quality, our disposable apparel is so popular thanks to our cost effective pricing. In a time when medical, research and cleanroom budgets are being slashed, Total Source Manufacturing prides itself on helping customers afford the disposable apparel they require at a great price.

Some of our most popular disposable apparel options include the Advantage I lightweight, durable garment, the triple layer Advantage Pro disposable apparel, and the Advantage MPC, which protects the wearer against liquids, dust and dirt. The Advantage I, Advantage Pro and Advantage MPC lines are manufactured in different types of disposable apparel including coveralls, aprons, lab coats, isolation gowns and head coverings. The disposable apparel head coverings include everything from a honeycomb hair net to surgical caps to a full-on ninja hood. Aside from our popular disposable apparel, Total Source Manufacturing also has a wide range of additional cleanroom and medical supplies including goggles, lab supplies, finger cots, electrostatic dissipative devices, adhesive mats, dust masks and disposable gloves .

Disposable apparel is an invaluable resource for a number of industries including medical, research, food handling, cleanroom and industrial safety. Total Source Manufacturing carries a wide range of disposable apparel and disposable apparel accessories that can be purchased and reordered conveniently online through our website. Disposable apparel protects both the individual wearing the apparel as well as the cleanliness and sanitary state of their environment, which is why it is imperative to purchase quality disposable apparel. By nature, however, disposable apparel does not get reused, which is why affordable pricing is just as important to us as the quality of our disposable apparel. Thanks to Total Source Manufacturing’s longstanding relationship with top manufacturers, we can offer our customers both quality and affordability, enabling you to keep your environment clean and workers safe with our disposable apparel.

There are a few different levels available in our disposable apparel lines, the most common being the Advantage I lightweight garment, the Advantage Pro garments, which come with three layers, and the Advantage MPC. Each of these disposable apparel protection levels have various types of disposable apparel available, such as aprons, head coverings, lab coats, coveralls and isolation gowns. Since Total Source Manufacturing carries such a wide selection for our customers, there are even more choices within each of these disposable apparel categories. For example, the disposable head coverings range from simple hair nets for food service to complete ninja hoods that protect the entire face from contamination or contact. Total Source Manufacturing is proud to be a trusted provider of quality disposable apparel, and hope we can provide your company with all its disposable apparel needs as well.

Our Ultraguard disposable apparel consists of a wide range of disposable goods for general purpose and cleanroom usage. Our disposable apparels are produced for medical, non-medical, and cleanroom industries and are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

You can select from; Aprons, Beard Covers, Head Coverings, Shoe Covers, Sleeves, Coveralls, Face Masks, Isolation Gowns, and Lab Coats / Frocks. All of our disposable apparels are made under requirements set by the local and international regulatory organizations.

If you are looking into a cost effective, preferred material for a non-hazardous environment; our light-weight, durable and low lint Advantage I disposable garment is for you and it meets ANSI 101-1996. You may also choose from our Advantage Plus aprons, coveralls, lab coats, and sleeves which also meets ANSI 101-1996. Or choose from the three-layer Advantage Pro disposable apparels which are excellent barriers against water based liquids and to light chemical splash. Or best yet, try our NEW Advantage MPC, a soft, light weight yet strong apparel is the ideal choice for protection against non-toxic liquid, spray, dirt and dust.

Additionally, we carry many products including but not limited to: Adhesive Mats, Cleanroom wipers, Finger cots, Face shields, and ElectroStatic Dissipative devices (ESD).
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Respire-X Dust Masks, Vector Finger Cots, DuraShield Disposable Gloves, General Purpose Gloves, Cleanroom Gloves, Ultraguard Disposable Apparel, Electrostat Electrostatic Disposable Devices, Qvis Safety Glasses and Goggles, Cleantack Adhesive Mats, Unitek Cleanroom Wipers and Stationary, Nogma Personal Protection, Ivanhoe, Lab Supplies, Pipet Tips , Cleanroom Poly Mops.
Division Products:
Aprons (Advantage Plus)
Aprons (Advantage Pro)
Aprons (Polyethylene)
Aprons (Vinyl)
Beard Covers (Advantage I)
Beard Covers (Nylon Net)
Bouffant Cap (Advantage I)
Conductive Shoe Covers
Coveralls (Advantage I)
Coveralls (Advantage MPC)
Coveralls (Advantage Plus)
Coveralls (Advantage Pro)
CPE Shoe Covers
Diamond Grip Shoe Covers (Polylatex)
Face Masks (Ear Loops w/Protective Shield)
Face Masks (Ear Loops)
Face Masks (Tie-On w/Protective Shield)
Face Masks (Tie-On)
Hairnet (Nylon, Honeycomb)
Hairnet (Nylon, Mesh)
Hood (Advantage Pro)
Isolation Gowns (Advantage I)
Isolation Gowns (Advantage Plus)
Isolation Gowns (Advantage Pro)
Lab Coats & Frocks (Advantage I)
Lab Coats & Frocks (Advantage MPC)
Lab Coats & Frocks (Advantage Plus)
Lab Coats & Frocks (Advantage Pro)
Ninja Hood (Advantage I)
Shoe Covers (Advantage I)
Shoe Covers (Advantage Plus)
Shoe Covers (Advantage Pro)
Shoe Covers (Polylatex)
Shower Cap (Polyethylene)
Surgical Caps
Sleeves (Advantage Plus)
Sleeves (Advantage Pro)
Sleeves (Polyethylene)
Sleeves (Vinyl)