Advantage Pro Lab Coat

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Collection: Medical supplies

Sku: APP0252-S-W-ADP

Vendor: UltraGuard


Features: Open Wrist, Full Collar, Two Pockets

Colors: White

Quantity / Package: 30 / case

The Advantage Pro Lab Coat is a must-have for working in the laboratory or any situation where dry and wet particulate barrier and repellency are needed. The fabric is a three-layer (spunbonded + meltblown + spunbonded) material that provides an excellent barrier against water based liquids and is resistant to light chemical splash.

Clean and (or) Sterile Options
  • No Cleaning (Standard Packaging)
  • Class 10 (ISO 4) Cleaned before packaging
  • Class 10 (ISO 4) Cleaned and Sterilized before packaging

*sizes may vary +/- 5%