Petri Dishes, Tri Plate (3-Section)

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Collection: Lab supplies

Sku: DIP0020-3

Vendor: Total Source

Features: 100 x 15mm, Slipable

Quantity / Package: 25 sleeves, 20 units each = 500 / case

Our quality Petri Dishes are packaged sterile in easy open bags. This version of the Petri dishes are 3-section dishes, made to maximize your use of the dish. Each lot is carefully tested for sterility in accordance with U.S.P and AAMI guidelines for your protection. Each dish is manufactured from pure virgin polystyrene. They are unsurpassed in optical clarity permitting unimpaired observation of dish content. Making these petri dishes optimal for micro photography. Engineered for optimum flatness to provide uniform agar thickness, which in turn reduces media costs. They are designed with nesting lugs for optimum culture growth and media shelf life. 25 sleeves, 20 units each = 500/case