Lab Coat (Knit Collar + Wrist)

Advantage I Shoe Covers (Skid-Free Sole) Lab Coat (Knit Collar + Wrist) Tyvek Bouffant Cap
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Collection: Medical supplies

Sku: APP0250-KNIT-S-W

Vendor: UltraGuard

Features: Knit Wrist, Knit Collar, Pocket

Colors: White

Quantity / Package: 30 / case

This version of our lab coats are made of polypropylene, the preferred material for non-hazardous work environments where a cost effective disposable garment is needed. This light-weight, breathable fabric is made of 100% spunbound filament. Polypropylene is durable and low lint. These lab coats come in many sizes.

    *sizes may vary +/- 5%

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