For all your cleanroom needs, you can rely on CLEANtack high quality adhesive products that meet the need of any critical environment. The material type of our adhesive products includes ESD safe polyethylene film, non-woven PET, and reusable adhesive foam. CLEANtack products include: Adhesive mats, Adhesive rollers, Tapes, Handles, and Adhesive mat frames. Our adhesive mats are manufactured and processed in Class 100 environments and are delivered in cleanroom poly-bags.


Total Source Manufacturing carries the best names in disposable gloves, including DuraShield. DuraShield is an industry leader in disposable gloves, offering range of materials such as latex and vinyl. Depending on the requirements of use, a certain type of disposable glove may be better suited for your particular workplace needs. Latex disposable gloves are a common type of glove used by the food service industry because they are affordable and disposable but still prevent the common germ contamination that may arise from bare hands touching food.


ELECTROSTAT products can prevent this dangerous situation and provide you with a safeguard for your sensitive ESD devices. Our products include: Static Dissipative Mats, Foot Grounders, Grounding Cord, Wrist Straps, Clinch Snap, ESD Gloves, and Brushes.

Our durable yet light weight ESD Wrist Straps will keep their electrical continuity even with an open buckle. The Heel and Toe Grounders will dissipate a charge from 5,000 volt to zero in just 0.01 seconds. Choose the best from either one of our Floor/Table Mat or Common Point ESD Grounding Cords. Our Static Dissipative Mats are made in one, two, or three layers, and are anti fatigued.


We supply both full finger and half finger glove liners by Ivanhoe. Our nylon glove liners are thin enough to stay comfortable underneath gloves yet durable enough to reduce perspiration over extended glove wear.

Our glove liners are breathable and smooth, enabling the wearer to maintain full tactile sensitivity. The glove liners are great for workers in the agriculture and maintenance industries, and are also ideal for great general purpose use among anyone looking to reduce perspiration beneath work gloves. Total Source Manufacturing's nylon inspection gloves are another popular product.

Laboratory Supplies 

Whether you are working on a research project or need equipment for a medical facility, you can order all the lab supplies you need online at TSMFG. It's crucial to maintain a controlled and clean area when conducting laboratory work, and you need the right lab supplies in order to do so.

There are different types of products to choose from, depending on the type of project or work you are doing. Some of the lab supplies you will most likely need include vials, scales, racks, pumps, analyzers, microscopes, incubators, goggles, and beakers.


Nogma personal protection products can transform a potentially dangerous or hazardous environment into a safe one. From face shield sand head protection to hearing protection, personal protection products offer safety from potential harmful threats in the home and workplace.

Whether you or your employees are on an assembly line or in a laboratory, personal protection products can dramatically reduce the risks associated with the job. Why expose yourself or your company to injury and potential lawsuits? Personal protection products should be the first line of defense in maintaining a safe work environment.


Qvis safety glasses come in many different styles and colors so companies who order them can choose a color or look that best suits their work environment. Along with safety glasses, Total Source Manufacturing supplies the cleanroom, medical, food and manufacturing industries with other safety gear including disposable apparel, gloves, hair nets, personal protection, finger cots, cleanroom wipes, lab supplies and more.


Respir-X dust masks and respirators meet the National Institute of Safety and Health's standards. They pass NIOSH's strict testing and certification process. These tests include, but are not limited to dust, dust and mist, fume and mist, spray paint, pesticide, etc. Additionally, Respir-X's dust masks meet FDA approval, warranting Respir-X dust masks for use in both surgical and non-surgical applications.


Our Ultraguard disposable apparel consists of a wide range of disposable goods for general purpose and cleanroom usage. Disposable clothing can save money by reducing the risk from laundering high-risk and potentially contaminated garments. Disposable apparel also offers a cost reduction associated with infection control in your location, and minimizes liability by preventing diseases from spreading through the laundering process.  Ultraguard disposable apparel is produced for medical, non-medical, and cleanroom industries and are manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).


UNITEK creates products for all your cleanroom contamination control needs. UNITEK manufactures wipers and cleanroom products for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronic, and medical device industries with international standards closely regulated. Our UNITEK cleanroom wipers are produced in a class 10 conditions under ISO 9002 guidelines. We carry Wipers, Clean-Write Basics, and Clean-Write Stationeries.


Vector finger cots are produced for industries where products must be protected from moisture, flakes, and skin salt. These industries include Cleanrooms, electronics, semiconductors, and similar critical environments. At Total Source manufacturing, our finger cots are produced in a Class 100 environment under standard guidelines. You can choose from the selection of finger cots such as Anti-Static/Latex, Industrial Powdered, Industrial Static Dissipative/Powder Free, Nitrite/Powder-free, Powder Free, Powdered, and Static Dissipative.

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