Finger Cots Orange 16mil

Cleanroom Nitrile Gloves Finger Cots Orange 16mil Static Dissipative Finger Cots, 16 Mil
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Collection: Finger Cots

Sku: ESP0265-S PK

Vendor: Vector


Features: Vector, 16mil Thick, Made from Natural Latex, Heavy Duty

Colors: Orange

Quantity / Package: 300 Unrolled Finger Cots per Pack

16 Millimeter Latex Finger Cots are tough, durable and reusable. Employees will be able to get many wears from a single finger cot. The bright orange color helps to make these cots highly visible as an added measure of safety.
Industrial Grade Finger Cots made of heavy duty 100% natural rubber latex material. These tough, durable, and reusable finger cots are cost effective. Use anywhere around sharp objects, prickly surfaces, or rough finishes. Finger cots arrive unrolled and lightly powdered. Textured surface provides a firm grip that is slip resistant. Orange color for easy recognition.

Clean rooms are classified according to the level of purity of the air contained in a controlled environment. Classes designate the level of cleanliness that the clean room complies with which is detailed by the number and magnitude of the particles per cubic meters of air. The ISO classification across the United State and Canada is called the ISO classification system ISO 14644-1.

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