Hot Mill Gauntlets

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Collection: Safety supplies

Sku: GLP0290-24G

Vendor: Ivanhoe


Features: 4.5" Plasticized Gauntlet Cuff

Colors: Natural

Quantity / Package: 12 / pack

The Hot Mill Gauntlets are made of thick cotton fabric, which allows natural heat insulation for safer intermittent handling of hot objects. They are also double palmed to form a cushion for comfortable wearing. The gloves are constructed of heavy, 32-oz. nap-out cotton, burlap lined for extra protection. It also includes a knuckle strap and 4 1/2" plasticized gauntlet cuff. Constructed of super-heavy, 24oz, 28oz, & 32oz. cotton.

  • 24oz Cotton
  • 28oz Cotton
  • 32oz Cotton