5 Ways to Motivate Employees to Wear Bouffants and Beard Covers

by Kevin Cooper
5 Ways to Motivate Employees to Wear Bouffants and Beard Covers

After training your employees and making expectations clear regarding the proper use of bouffants and beard covers, what is an employer to do when they still won’t wear them? How can you best motivate your employees to remain in compliance and preserve a sanitary environment? At Total Source Manufacturing, we’ve compiled 5 fun ways to motivate your workers to use their personal protective equipment (PPE).

Public Recognition

Make a point of commending employees who are wearing their bouffants and beard covers correctly. Keep a “star” list on the board of names of employees who have been in compliance that day. Avoid highlighting the negative. Pointing out those who are not cooperating won’t help their attitudes improve.

$10 Gift Cards

Supervisors, stock up on gift cards for places where $10 actually buys something. Sub shops, a mall jewelry store, a donut shop or a pizza place are good examples of a gift card that would excite an employee.

Appearing to be random, distribute to an employee wearing his/her bouffant and beard cover correctly. Secretly keep a master list to ensure an even distribution of gift cards over a period of time.

Cooperative Contest

Have employees vote on one workplace improvement they would love to have. Maybe it’s memory foam mats to stand on, better lighting, espresso machine in the break room, or new cushions for desk chairs. Build a contest around that goal. All workers have to remain in compliance every day to work toward winning the contest.

Team Pressure

Organize employees into teams and offer a big prize—such as a pizza party, vacation or entertainment—to the team who remains in compliance the longest.

Free Food

Food is a great motivator. It can be offered as a regular reward for compliance or can be quietly removed as an obvious reminder that not everyone has been complying. Consider one of these options: a free cafeteria-style cereal bar in the break room, free iced tea and sodas in the fridge, end-of-month pizza, bagel buffet, rack of chips, or donut party.

Get a bulk supply of bouffants and beard covers

With over ten factories sourced at Total Source Manufacturing, we can easily ship you a bulk supply of bouffants and beard covers to keep your employees in compliance with fresh PPE. Contact us for a special quote on a pallet shipment.

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