3 Questions to Ask When Buying Cleanroom Supplies

by Kevin Cooper
3 Questions to Ask When Buying Cleanroom Supplies

Sensitive workspaces, such as cleanrooms, require special consideration when purchasing supplies. At Total Source Manufacturing, our pros have put together 3 questions you need to ask when choosing the right cleanroom supplies for your particular cleanroom environment.

Does it meet ISO requirements?

You’ve already classified your cleanroom and know the standards for which to look. But did you know that cleanroom supplies can be produced in a cleanroom facility or they can be produced in a manufacturing facility and later packaged in a cleanroom? Products should be double bagged and ship without cardboard containers. If you have questions about a product, our efficient customer service agents will find the answers for you.

Knowing the certification of your products is an important step when ordering supplies. Certificates of conformity or product data sheets should be supplied with all cleanroom products. Check our website for Product Data Sheets, Technical Data, MSDS and Cleanroom Classification reference pages on each item rated for cleanroom use.

Does it clean properly?

Many times, money and research goes into the creation of the cleanroom, but cleaning procedures and products are not examined closely. When purchasing furniture and carts, consider if the wheels are autoclavable. When purchasing mops and handles, think about further uses, such as ceiling cleaning. Adhesive film rollers are often used on ceilings.

Cleaning solutions are another concern. Are your solutions compatible with chemicals in the cleanroom? Distilled water and sterile isopropyl alcohol mixtures are often the go-to solution for cleaning the cleanroom. Vacuums with HEPA filters are a must. Wipers are specially constructed as ultra clean and non-shedding for cleanroom use. They can polish and wipe up a variety of surfaces.

Is it ESD safe?

For cleanroom environments where electrostatic discharge is a concern, examine all apparel and products with this in mind. Note the difference between products that have a topical antistatic coating applied and products that have static control properties built in. ESD safe products could include gloves, booties, heel grounders, wipers, straps and finger cots.

In addition to ESD safety, your cleanroom may be rated with non-outgassing and sterile requirements. Cleanroom supplies must be chosen with these ratings in mind.

Get your cleanroom products in bulk

Fewer shipments mean fewer chances for cleanroom contamination. Plan on storing a bulk amount of cleanroom supplies once you’ve chosen them. Call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a quote on all the cleanroom supplies needed to keep your cleanroom clean and safe for production.

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