How to Improve Employee Safety with Cleanroom Apparel

by Kevin Cooper
How to Improve Employee Safety with Cleanroom Apparel

Providing specially selected garments and apparel at the entrance to any sterile environment should be the first consideration for a cleanroom. This not only preserves the integrity of the cleanroom but it also protects the employees. Using personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleanroom garments, employees should have everything they need to be completely covered from head to toe to be safe at work.

At Total Source Manufacturing, our coveralls, apparel and PPE are carefully packed to be sterile and they feature low particulates. This cleanroom-specific packaging helps set the stage for a safe, clean environment.

Splash Protection

Water-based liquids, toxic chemicals and nontoxic liquids present their own problems in the cleanroom. When you need splash protection and protection from liquid penetration, our coveralls provide the barrier and repellency needed. Advantage Plus coveralls offer protection against water-based liquids and certain chemicals. Check the Product Data Sheet to decide which coverall offers the liquid protection you need the most.

Particulate Protection

Protecting employees from particulate crossovers and contamination is another important consideration when choosing the right cleanroom apparel. The Advantage Pro coveralls offer excellent particulate resistance against many workplace hazards.

Anti-Static Protection

When electrostatic discharge must be eliminated, coveralls treated with an anti-static agent are ideal. Advantage MPC coveralls provide anti-static protection to keep employees safe from flares and to protect sensitive equipment.

Fire Treatment

While polyolefin or spunbonded-meltblown-spunbonded (SMS) fabrics don’t provide fire protection, our polypropylene Advantage I coveralls are designed to not flare up when exposed to high heat or flame. Instead, they will melt, giving workers an opportunity to get to safety.


For personal protection apparel, we offer a range of gloves, bouffants, masks, beard covers and hooded/booted coveralls for complete coverage. Choose bagged options for less particulate matter and more sterile packaging for your cleanroom.

Get your cleanroom garments in bulk

Boost your employee safety plan with the right coveralls and apparel for your specific cleanroom environment. Call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a quote on coveralls, PPE and more to make sure your employees are completely covered. We source from over 10 factories to ensure you have some of the best prices and quality products available.

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