3 Things You Should Never Do in a Cleanroom

by Kevin Cooper
3 Things You Should Never Do in a Cleanroom

Bad habits are banished from the cleanroom environment. If it is true that it takes 21 days to establish a good habit, it probably takes 2 days to establish a bad one. At Total Source Manufacturing, we understand cleanroom standards and the behavior that they require in order to maintain their classification. These standards go against human nature, which resists the effort needed to push ourselves to improve each day. And cleanrooms are no exception to the rule of laziness. Here are 3 things we’ve seen that should never happen in your cleanroom.


Don’t: Restrictions on personal items don’t seem like a big deal when you first start working in a cleanroom. But after awhile of not having your coffee, being hungry at your work station, and missing important phone calls or texts from your family, you may begin thinking about smuggling in some of your favorite things. Cell phones are the #1 rule breakers. And, unfortunately, they are among the most contaminated items you could think of to smuggling into your cleanroom.

Do: Better to take breaks and have to gown up, glove up, and sanitize all over again than to sneak in your iPhone and your latte. Or, get permission to use a sealing bag and cleanroom tape to cover your cell phone for emergencies.


Don’t: With limited sick days available and COVID-19 and other illnesses competing for recovery time, you may be tempted to come to work when you’re sick. Coming into a cleanroom with a fever and virulent bacteria means that every cough, sneeze, laugh, or conversation could release contaminants into the environment. In this instance, masks and gloves can quickly become contaminated and no longer perform optimally.

Do: Ask for special consideration for COVID-related illness. Your corporation likely has special policies granting additional time off and pay. Stay home for the flu and colds. Rest will help you recover faster and you can likely make up the hours later, if needed.

Hands off

Don’t: Hands move without conscious thought, so it is important to know what you are reaching for and touching. Cross contamination is a constant threat that must be monitored. Simple things like scratching an itch on skin, touching your face when adjusting your mask, or tucking hair under a bouffant or hood are all potential contaminants.

Do: It takes time to retrain your hands to not move unless you’ve thought it through, so give yourself time and attention to this important detail. For now, consider your hands to be almost separate from the rest of you.

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