Arm Sleeves to the Rescue

by Kevin Cooper
Arm Sleeves to the Rescue

The unsung hero of the workplace, arm sleeves offer basic protection against accidental splashes, chemical penetration, particulate contamination or static transference. With the addition of arm sleeves as part of the ideal gowning regimen, your employees can enjoy a more comfortable and safe work experience. At Total Source Manufacturing, we offer four different UltraGuard protective sleeves to cover a variety of cleanroom, food production, medical, and manufacturing needs. These arm sleeves offer 4 main benefits.

Splash Resistant

Arm protection in areas of splashes, sprays and generally wet conditions can now be easily managed with our Polyethylene Sleeves. Sleeve protection against water-based liquids and some chemicals is made simple with these 18” polymer sleeves that come in clear, blue or white color options.

Low Particulate Barrier

In productions where particulate contamination is a concern, arm guards layered with polypropylene and polyethylene are the best solution. Lightweight yet durable, Advantage Plus Sleeves offer both wet and dry particulate protection in 18” or 20” white sleeves.

Wet and Dry Conditions

In processing facilities where employees may encounter both wet hazards, such as sprays, and dry hazards, such as dust or powder, the 18” Advantage MPC Sleeves are perfectly suited. Barrier and repellency combine to create a lightweight, comfortable sleeve that can serve double duty on the job.

Anti-Static Agent

In conditions where static-emitting products are unacceptable, three protective arm sleeves stand out from the rest. Advantage Pro Sleeves, Polyethylene Sleeves and Advantage MPC Sleeves are all treated with anti-static agents that decay static to reduce the potential of transference. For a better fit, Advantage Pro Sleeves are available in both 18” and 20” sizes.

Combining Forces

Arm covers can be easily paired with various gowning products, such as aprons. Additionally, they can span the distance between gloves and gowns, offering full coverage protection to make sure your workers will be safe from liquids and contaminants.

Get cleanroom supplies in bulk

At Total Source Manufacturing, we have ten source factories. With these resources, we can supply the bulk arm sleeves you need at your processing facility. Never run out of critical supplies—such as arm sleeves—again with our affordable shipping options.

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