3 Uses for Wipers You've Never Thought of Before

by Kevin Cooper
3 Uses for Wipers You've Never Thought of Before

Cleanrooms have strict protocols for using wipers correctly to mop up chemical splashes and to eradicate contaminants. These protocols are straightforward and logical. But there may be other situations you hadn’t considered that could benefit from the strategic application of a carefully crafted wiper from Total Source Manufacturing.

  1. Static dissipation

Static generation is a major concern for many levels of ISO class cleanrooms. While electrostatic discharge (ESD) shoe covers and heel grounders are invaluable in the front line response to the battle against static, ESD wipers are also an option. You may notice polyester garments are clinging and gaining a static charge as you move. Try using a polyester knit ESD safe wiper on the inside and outside of your clothing.

  1. Personal contamination

The main source of contaminant spreading in a cleanroom is the employees. Personal hygiene is a major focus in prepping to enter a cleanroom, but once you’re in the environment, you may find yourself in need of further help.

Layers of non-breathing material, such as hoods, eye protection, masks and coveralls, are sources of turned up heat for an employee. Sweating is a major concern when goggles or glasses fog up and moisture wicks through. When this happens, a fast wipe down with a wiper and a glove change may be all you need to contain the potential contamination. Also, coughing or sneezing into a wiper and then changing your mask and gloves could save the day.

  1. Tool polishing

You know the need for wipers in polishing components and products generated by your cleanroom, but have you thought about other equipment that might need cleaning? Microscope dials, refrigerator door handles, autoclave controls and special tools are just a few of the many surfaces that could benefit from a proper procedure wipe down with a quarter-folded wiper.

A different wiper for every need

Our lint-free wipers come in three fabric choices for a variety of cleanup needs. Non-linting polyester wipers are the best choices for the strictest ISO cleanrooms. Washed in purified water and then dried and double-layer packaged in a cleanroom environment, these wipers are among the cleanest available. Polyester-cellulose wipers are super absorbent and best for spills and polishing. Whatever your need for wipers, Total Source Manufacturing has the right kind and quantity to direct ship to your facility.

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