How to Choose the Best Safety Coveralls

by Kevin Cooper
How to Choose the Best Safety Coveralls

The old axiom admonishing us to use the right tool for the right job is especially true when it comes to safety coveralls. As you know, not all coveralls are created equal. It is essential to understand the uses for the protective garments before ordering for your stock. From there, you can determine the exact fabric that will offer the needed protection. At Total Source Manufacturing, we have 12 kinds of coveralls to choose from, ensuring you can find the right product for the right job.

Determine the Use

If your employees need protection from chemicals, biohazards, acids or solvents, you will want to make sure their coveralls are liquid-proof. If there is a risk of sparks or flames, they need fire-retardant coveralls. If working with asbestos, they should have sealed coveralls that keep out the smallest particulate matter. If it is merely dirt, grime and oil that they are exposed to, then a simpler disposable coverall could be the right choice.

Choose the Fabric

Once you know what the coveralls will be used for, it will be easy to narrow down the right fabric. Tyvek® coveralls are made with their unique spunbonded olefin. This material is synonymous with durability, toughness and safety. It is also works as a liquid repellant and a gas barrier.

As an alternative to Tyvek®, we offer polyethylene-coated polypropylene coveralls. These garments provide a liquid barrier and are good for general purpose applications.

A more breathable option is the Advantage MPC series coverall which has a microporous film bonded with nonwoven fabric. This lightweight, soft material is ideal for hotter environments while still providing barrier properties for wet and dry conditions. The breathability and lightweight qualities don’t compromise the strength of this excellent coverall.

The Advantage I coveralls are made from polypropylene which is ideal for disposable garments in non-hazardous work situations. It is durable and features low lint for particulate concerns.

Finally, the Advantage Pro coveralls offer an incredible three-layer protection of spunbonded, meltblown and then spunbonded fabric. As a dry particulate barrier, you can’t beat these coveralls. They also are excellent at liquid repellency and are chemical resistant for light splashes.

When it comes to finding the right coveralls for the right job, Total Source Manufacturing can help you select the right product and we can ship by pallet or full container direct from the manufacturer to your location.

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