4 Warning Signs that You are Overheating at Work

by Kevin Cooper
4 Warning Signs that You are Overheating at Work

Factory and manufacturing facilities are notorious as hotbeds of heat exhaustion. If you find yourself overheating at work and wonder what to do to protect your health, the pros at Total Source Manufacturing have these four tips for you.

Warning Signs: Cool, moist skin

Even with the most breathable coveralls or MPC frocks, you may still find yourself overheating at work. Extreme sweating is normal, but if it is profuse, start paying attention to your other symptoms. Reduced sweating to cool, moist skin is the first step towards heat exhaustion.

Pro Tip: Start drinking! Skip the sodas, coffees, alcohol and energy drinks and reach for water and electrolyte sports drinks.

Warning Signs: Dizziness, fainting

When your blood pressure drops and your heart rate becomes weak and rapid, you will start to feel faint. When you stand up, your head may swim and you may feel dizzy. This is a sign that you need to take a break.

Pro Tip: Move to a cooler place! Sit down and keep drinking. Rest and cool down is what the doctor ordered.

Warning Signs: Nausea and headache

As your heat exhaustion progresses towards the danger level, you may feel sick to your stomach. Your head will be pounding as your body reacts to the high internal temperature.

Pro Tip: Your heat exhaustion is becoming advanced. Stop working. You must start cooling down. Use a wet cloth to moisten your skin. Remove your mill gauntlets and run cold water on your wrists as you continue to drink and rest in a cooler area.

Warning Signs: Hot, dry skin and confusion

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke merge at this point, becoming a serious medical condition. If you become confused or agitated, are unable to continue drinking or faint, you need to get help.

Pro Tip: Danger! You must get medical attention. Your heat exhaustion is extreme and dangerous to your health. You cannot try to continue to work. Have someone drive you to the nearest Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

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