How to Control Electrostatic Discharge in the Lab

by Kevin Cooper
How to Control Electrostatic Discharge in the Lab

When electrostatic discharge (ESD) is a problem in a Class 0 or lesser laboratory, you need a plan of action to deal with the threat to your ESD susceptible (ESDS) materials, devices and equipment. Many labs develop or purchase an ESD control program to keep static electricity out of the laboratory.

To accompany your program, Total Source Manufacturing offers the ESD supplies needed to reduce electrostatic charge generation and to neutralize charges to protect your sensitive electronics and ESDS equipment. Having the right anti-static supplies on hand will help avoid human errors that could be catastrophic for your production.

ESD Wrist Straps

The ESD wrist strap is an effective way of reducing electrostatic buildup on employees. Simply attach to the wrist and let the alligator clip touch the static dissipative tabletop or clip onto a ground point.

ESD Gloves

Vinyl gloves carry an extremely low static charge and can be good for some of the less stringent laboratory classes. Nitrile gloves and polyethylene gloves are inherently anti-static and are good for most cleanrooms. Nylon gloves, or nylon gloves with dots, are the most reliable ESD option for Class 0 labs. They are thin, durable and lint-free.

ESD Finger Cots

Where full gloves are not needed, static dissipative finger cots may be the solution for keeping static, oils and skin particulates away from ESDS devices while still allowing the hands to breathe and move comfortably.

ESD Sleeves

Like the gloves, thin polyethylene arm sleeves are anti-static and can maintain a barrier between clothes and skin and the sensitive equipment. Spunbonded-meltblown-spunbonded arm sleeves are also a durable option since they are treated with an anti-static agent.

ESD Shoe Covers

Shoe covers with conductive strips and anti-skid shoe covers with conductive strips are a must-have in your ESD-free laboratory. Nonwoven, conductive carbon strips are added to the bottom to connect to the body. This connection then helps to ground the charges.

ESD Essential Add-Ons

Additionally, stocking up on ESD wipers ranked for Class 1 will give excellent clean-up options in a low particulate and ESD safe environment.

Buy Your ESD Supplies in Bulk

Running out of ESD protective supplies is not an option in a static-free, no particulate laboratory environment. Buy your ESD supplies in bulk from Total Source Manufacturing. We outsource from over ten factories to make sure you get the supplies you need on time.

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