How to Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions

by Kevin Cooper
How to Navigate Supply Chain Disruptions

It has become commonplace to find bare shelves and out of stock items these past two years as supply chain disruption has ravaged the United States. But when your facility needs critical cleanroom, manufacturing, food service or medical supplies, waiting for shelves to restock is not an option. Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is not something you can do without as you continue to provide the same high-quality services and products for which you are known.

According to economist George Alessandria of University of Rochester, supply chain disruptions will likely last for at least another year. At Total Source Manufacturing, we have the solution to the difficulty you are experiencing in keeping your necessary supplies in stock. Let’s take a look at what’s happening to the U.S. supply chain.

World events are causing problems

China has restricted and even ended their exports in medical, cleanroom and manufacturing supplies during COVID. Additionally, the war in the Ukraine has blocked shipping routes and disrupted some supplies. Russia has slowed or stopped their exports in response to push back from the war, which has also caused shortages in the United States.

Loyalty has to take a backseat

If you’ve been a customer of a specific brand or supplier in the past, you’ve undoubtedly had to branch out when supplies became scarce. Necessity demands that you find the needed cleanroom or medical supplies wherever you can and order from them, even if it isn’t the price you are used to paying.

Sourcing from multiple suppliers

If the answer to the supply chain disruption is to branch out to more and varied suppliers, Total Source Manufacturing has the solution well in hand. We source from over ten different factories to secure the supply chain that can meet your distribution needs. Outsourcing from a variety of suppliers gives us plenty of options when it comes to locating the supplies you need, right when you need them the most.

Shipping Your Supplies in Bulk

Want to ensure you don’t run out of supplies as the supply chain disruption continues in the future? Total Source Manufacturing has the pallet shipments or even full container shipments to provide you with the bulk supplies needed to keep your business or healthcare facility running smoothly during these challenging days.

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