The #1 Cleanroom Safety Hazard

by Kevin Cooper
The #1 Cleanroom Safety Hazard

Working with chemicals and solvents brings a specific kind of hazard common to all cleanroom workspaces - fire. The risk of an unexpected explosion or fire is the number one cleanroom safety hazard that supervisors and employees must guard against.

Besides the peril to the life and health of employees, fire in the cleanroom—even a small one—can cause thousands of dollars of damage within seconds. A large fire can be devastating to a manufacturing or laboratory facility. To help you mitigate your cleanroom’s risks, the pros at Total Source Manufacturing, have put together these tips to lower the risk of fire and to maximize cleanroom safety.

Fire and Gas Detectors

When designing a cleanroom, you likely had fire detectors and gas sensors installed. If it was over ten years ago, it is time to have your system evaluated and updated with new technology. The first line of defense against an explosion or a fire in the lab starts with sensitive detectors in good working order. Newer systems are augmented with recorded voice evacuation instructions.

Air Exchange Rates

Regularly monitoring the cleanroom’s HVAC system for maximum air exchange rates with rapid velocity is another important step in preventing catastrophic chemical fires. Flammable gases must not be allowed to build up in an area but should be cycled through the directed airflow exchange system. This regular maintenance and monitoring is done by a certified HVAC professional and is usually overseen by your building supervisor.

Fire Response System

Finally, when fire or explosion does occur in your cleanroom, it is critical to have the right fire extinguishing components in place. Employees must be trained in fire safety and evacuation procedures. There must be ready access to fire suppression equipment in each area. Solutions designed to extinguish chemical fires are the standard in cleanrooms. In the case of gas involvement, employees must know the protocol for safe evacuation. Their evacuations must follow protocol to be careful not to spread the gas contaminant throughout the building.

We Can Ship Your Cleanroom Supplies in Bulk

With your fire safety features in place, you can outfit your cleanroom and employees with high quality supplies such as hooded coveralls, masks, shoe covers and gloves. Total Source Manufacturing has it all. We ship in bulk quantities around the world.

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