How Do I Choose the Best Cleanroom Supplier?

by Kevin Cooper
How Do I Choose the Best Cleanroom Supplier?

Choosing the best cleanroom or PPE supplier is easy once you compare services and benefits. The experienced manufacturer who can get you the right product in record time is the clear winner and the one to bookmark as your favorite for future purchases.

Cutting through the competition to offer some of the highest quality products for the manufacturing, industrial, medical, cleanroom and laboratory industries, Total Source Manufacturing stands tall. Here are a few reasons why customers love working with us.

Wide Sourcing Base

With over ten sourcing factories and a proven supply chain in place, we have the resources to meet your distribution needs and to supply your warehouse with just one phone call. Why order from ten different sites when you can find it all in one convenient location?


With over 25 years of experience in the supply industry, we have honed practices to ensure our products arrive quickly. But that’s not where we stop. We search for products made with high quality standards to provide maximum customer satisfaction.

Online Help

Get your questions answered with our easy access support system. Send an email to and we will reply in a day or call us at 760-598-5599 for rapid help. We offer personalized suggestions to suit your unique cleanroom, laboratory, medical or food service needs. Our tailored services are just one reason that Total Source Manufacturing is a leader in the supply industry.

Competitive Prices

When you shop with Total Source Manufacturing, you know that you’re getting not only a fair market price, but the lowest price we could wrangle from our sources. We offer bulk discounts to make things even easier on your budget. Want to get a specialized quote for your good? Give us a call and we will go over the top to work with you.

Get Your Cleanroom Supplies in One Stop

Our cleanroom and PPE supplies regularly span the globe with our shipping of pallets and cases. Contact us at Total Source Manufacturing to get started on your order to make sure your cleanroom or facility never runs out of the right apparel and supplies.

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