Check This One Thing Before You Buy Isolation Gowns

by Kevin Cooper
Check This One Thing Before You Buy Isolation Gowns

When it comes to isolation gowns, one size does not necessarily fit all. Well, yes, they are made to be one-size-fits-all, but it is important to understand what you are buying before you shell out the money. What exactly are you getting? Here are some answers to your questions about isolation gowns readily available at Total Source Manufacturing.

What are isolation gowns made of?

Surgical gowns are made of polyethylene coated polypropylene, similar to the material found in Tyvek®. Made to be lightweight and breathable, these disposable gowns offer a low lint content for added security against contaminants.

They are made apron-style, slipping over your scrubs, lab coat or clothing and tying in the back. Comfortable elastic wrists keep sleeves from getting in the way of medical procedures.

Are isolation gowns waterproof?

The special polyethylene coated polypropylene material is a protective barrier against liquids and will not let them penetrate. This is especially important in medical applications.

Where can I get isolation gowns?

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, isolation gowns and other critical personal protective equipment (PPE) suddenly became scarce and even impossible to find. Medical facilities that needed isolation gowns for surgical procedures, blood draws, exams and more were left scrambling trying to find enough products to meet their needs. During the worldwide crisis, Total Source Manufacturing scrambled all ten supply companies to make sure PPE got out as quickly as possible.

More FAQs

            Q: How fast can I get my PPE order?

            A: We ship many orders the same day or the same day as production is                 completed.

            Q: Can you ship pallets globally?

            A: Yes! We regularly ship containers and pallets worldwide. Call us for a                  special price and more information.

            Q: Can I resell this PPE?

            A: Yes! We produce, you sell. Find out how to become one of our                             preferred distributors here.

Get Your Warehouse PPE Products Today

Short on PPE supplies? Get a bulk of isolation gowns, masks, gloves, caps and other critical PPE by contacting us at Total Source Manufacturing. Our helpful representatives are ready to answer questions and to take your orders.

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