Best Practices for Selling Cleanroom Supplies

by Kevin Cooper
Best Practices for Selling Cleanroom Supplies

Want some tips to drive up sales on your line of cleanroom supplies? As a preferred distributor at Total Source Manufacturing, we have some easy hacks to incorporate into your marketing program that can bring out the key features of our line of quality cleanroom supplies.

Everything from low-particulate documentation and labeling supplies to vinyl gloves, sticky mats, shoe covers, bouffants, coveralls or wipers can be found in our convenient one-stop store. These quality products—packaged and safe for cleanrooms—practically sell themselves, but they can still enjoy some time in the spotlight. So here we go with some great sales tips.

10+ Factories in One Place

At the top of our bragging rights is the fact that we source over ten manufacturers to bring you easy access to the complete line of cleanroom supplies. That means We can ship faster, offer competitive prices, and ship in bulk around the world. This adds great value to your customers and gives you plenty to talk about when closing the deal.

Additionally, our efficient customer service team is ready to help you find the right products with easy access. We make sure your order is placed quickly and has tracking available and a clear returns policy, if needed.

Presentation is Everything

When preparing your website, be sure to take quality photos of the items and enlist a good writer to help you word the catalog to its best advantage. As a preferred distributor, you have access to our information at Total Source Manufacturing. Link to our blog for more value for your customers.

Since cleanroom supplies must be kept sterile, it is good to have handling practices in place that will ensure the environmental controls keep the items absolutely clean and particulate-free.

If you keep these supplies in your home or personal office, it is possible to get a tax deduction on the space that you use.

Where to Sell

You can sell your cleanroom supplies online. There are several host sites that allow you to list items for a small fee, or you can find a free website host site.

With a little research, you can find cleanrooms in your area that might be interested in having you supply their cleanroom classification items. You may even find a medical supply store that would also use a supplier.

If your area is tech heavy, you may benefit from setting up a small resale shop where you offer the cleanroom supplies to technical, pharmaceutical and medical businesses.

Get Your Cleanroom Stock Supplies Today

Ready to get started selling your cleanroom supplies? Stock up on inventory by calling us at Total Source Manufacturing. We will give you a competitive price and can ship in bulk to your customers around the world.


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