Protection Against Isocyanate Exposure

by Kevin Cooper
Protection Against Isocyanate Exposure

Every workplace has its hazards and employees working with sprayers, coatings and spray painters often face serious isocyanate exposure that is harmful to the lungs. Isocyanates are the chemicals that cause curing agents in hardeners to activate. Two of the most common lung hazards resulting from breathing in the fumes thick with isocyanate are occupational asthma and airway passageways overgrowing with mucus. At Total Source Manufacturing we’ve outlined the most important safety features needed to protect yourself and your employees against isocyanate exposure.

Chemically Resistant Gloves

Proper safety gear starts with durable, heavy gloves such as unsupported latex heavy gloves which are 50% thicker than standard gloves. The thick layer of latex helps resist abrasion and tears that could leak isocyanate to the skin.


Coveralls keep isocyanate from penetrating clothing and contaminating everything you touch in your car or on the way home. Our Advantage Pro Coveralls provide full coverage of head and boots and gives an excellent barrier against chemicals and liquids. It is still advisable to shower and change clothes before going home since the fumes can permeate.

Respirator or Breathing Apparatus

The most important piece of equipment in your fight against isocyanate exposure is the face mask. If you are working outdoors with plenty of moving air, you might use a traditional mask and visor. However, most conditions require a half-face cartridge respirator with goggles or an air-fed face mask or other breathing apparatus. Uncontaminated air should be delivered to the mask in some form. However, it has to be used properly. One of the most common mistakes is when employees raise the visor or mask up to look at the work while paint fumes are still in the air.

Spray Booth Technology

If a well-ventilated area is hard to come by, the right spray booth technology can solve the problem. With a ventilated hood, it exhumes the harmful fumes before the masked and covered employee can breathe them in.

Get Your Protective Gear Supplies Today

Having plenty of the right protective gear on hand can help protect employees from developing debilitating asthma or lung conditions. Order in bulk by calling us at Total Source Manufacturing. We have quotes for bulk shipping around the world so you always have the supplies you need.


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