Our Cleanroom Gloves Got You Covered

by Kevin Cooper
Our Cleanroom Gloves Got You Covered

Cleanroom gloves are an essential part of the workplace environment. They are made to be low-to-no particulates and can be the first line of defense in keeping cleanrooms up to rigid standards. At Total Source Manufacturing, we keep a full line of cleanroom gloves handy so you have the supplies you need. Available in small, medium, large and extra large, it is great to have a range for comfort for every size and fit.

Latex Gloves

A bestseller, our cleanroom latex gloves allow chemical resistance to alkalis, acids, alcohols and ketones. Excellent tensile strength makes these gloves comfortable and durable for all-day wear. Available in 10” or 12” lengths, these gloves also offer an extra small size for extra fit options.

Nitrile Gloves

For those with latex sensitivity, powder free nitrile gloves are an excellent option. Offering chemical resistance to a wide variety of chemicals, these gloves provide excellent tactile sensitivity with textured fingers. Manufactured within strict cleanroom standards, these gloves provide the lowest levels of particulates and extractables possible.

Vinyl Gloves

For the medical and pharmaceutical cleanroom, seamless vinyl gloves or powder free vinyl exam gloves are the glove of choice. Also, vinyl carries a low static discharge for static-sensitive cleanroom components. The smooth finish allows excellent tactile sensitivity for quality production.

Nylon Knit Gloves and Liners

Perfect for daily inspections, these ESD safe stretch nylon gloves, or ESD Gloves with dots for extra grip, are excellent quality. With an ambidextrous fit, these gloves offer a smooth and sensitive touch when examining production pieces. The electrostatic dissipative feature is perfect for the cleanroom’s sensitive manufacturing. Nylon glove liners and half finger liners add comfort and moisture wicking when using latex, nitrile or vinyl gloves. They are ambidextrous and one size fits all with an easy stretch and comfortable cuff. Half finger liners allow for maximum touch dexterity with added comfort in the cleanroom.

Get Your Cleanroom Gloves Today

For your vinyl, nitrile or latex glove needs, call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a quick quote. We ship in pallets all the bulk glove supplies to keep your cleanroom functioning at peak efficiency. International shipping is readily available.


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