What Use Are Finger Cots?

by Kevin Cooper
What Use Are Finger Cots?

What are finger cots? Simply stated, finger cots are gloves that cover the tips of the fingers in situations where a full glove is not needed. Most often rolled for easy donning, finger cots or finger gloves are usually made of a nitrile or latex material. They can cover one or two knuckles. If you’ve ever wondered what you would ever use finger cots for, the pros at Total Source Manufacturing can tell you in 4 easy ways.

To Cover Wounds

Employees with fingertip bandages or wounds on the fingers can use a finger cot to cover the wound and prevent the transmission of microorganisms. It can also provide extra protection for the sore finger.

To Protect Fingers

When working with sharp corners or abrasive surfaces, finger cots can protect the fingers from cuts, scrapes, scratches or wounds. They also provide relief from stress injuries from repetitive movements.

To Prevent Contamination

Oils, skin flakes, particulates and dirt transmissions are all cut down or eliminated with the use of finger cots. In sensitive environments, these small covers really pack a punch.

To Provide Static Dissipation

Special static dissipative finger cots are able to keep static buildup from sensitive cleanrooms. They are made to meet cleanroom standards.

Types of Finger Cots Readily Available

Powdered finger cots are often used in food service and are only 3 mil thick. Available in small, medium, large and extra large, these all-purpose finger cots are vacuum sealed for low particulates.

Powder-free finger cots are a thin 3 mil thickness and perfect for small parts handling. Available in small, medium, large and extra large, these finger gloves provide relief from finger fatigue.

Finger cots orange are extra tough with a 16 mil thickness. Reusable, the bright orange color adds safety through visibility. Textured surface gives extra gripping power. Available in small, medium, large and extra large.

Static dissipative finger cots come in four varieties. Static dissipative finger cots are 3 mil thick and processed to Class 100. Anti-static finger cots are also 3 mil thick and cost effective. Powder-free nitrile finger cots are inherently anti-static and come in rolled or unrolled. Static dissipative finger cots 16 mil are extra thick and durable. Made with natural latex, these heavy duty finger cots are ready for use with Class I Category A cleanrooms. All of these static dissipative and anti-static finger gloves come in small, medium, large and extra large.

Get Your Finger Cots Today

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