How To Properly Install Sticky Mats

by Kevin Cooper
How To Properly Install Sticky Mats

Sticky floor mats are the first defense against cleanroom contamination. Placed where employees can’t help but walk across them, adhesive mats can gather much of the dirt and dust from the bottoms of shoes. At Total Source Manufacturing, we offer a wide array of sticky mats by the case, in different sizes, and with an anti-microbial agent treatment for added protection.


Where you place the tacky mat is as important as how you place it. Choose a heavily trafficked area such as a doorway or hallway. Consider areas where carts pass by and foot traffic is high.

For donning stations, you can place one in the entrance to the staging room and one at the entrance to the cleanroom to keep particulate contamination to a minimum. Mats should be installed on clean, flat, dry surfaces.


The floor under the mat should be carefully cleaned to prep it for the mat’s adhesive back. We recommend wiping the area with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol mixed with 30% water to remove any cleaners, wax, adhesive remnants or dirt.


The mat should be room temperature or warm to make the adhesive sticky and ready for placement. Cold mats won’t lay down as well as warm ones.


Now, consider the placement of the mat. It should be at a right angle to the doorway, allowing three normal steps to hit the mat before entering the cleanroom. It needs to be placed properly to prevent scuffs or pulling off the floor. Also, doors should be able to swing over the mat without touching. Place the mat where you want it to test it before peeling the adhesive backing.

Peel and Stick

Now you’re ready to peel the backing off the mat. Make sure you know which side is up and which side is down. Remove the bottom layer by exposing a couple inches and then carefully press it into place on the floor. Make sure you press out any air bubbles. Continue exposing a few inches at a time and pressing it into place. Smooth out any air bubbles.

Finally, remove the top layer to expose the surface of the sticky mat. With 30 numbered sheets in each mat, your employees can walk through approximately 50 times before a new sheet is needed. Peel an old, dirty sheet carefully, wadding it up as you go, to keep the particulates and dirt trapped inside and not released into the air.

Get Your Sticky Mats Today

For faster and easier installation and secure retention, try using a PVC sticky mat base. Call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a quote on cases of sticky mats and a PVC base in the sizes desired to keep your cleanroom up to standards.

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