Everything You Need to Know About Cleanroom Wipers

by Kevin Cooper
Everything You Need to Know About Cleanroom Wipers

Having the right cleanroom wiper for the job is critical when running an ISO classified facility. At Total Source Manufacturing, we can help you know which cleanroom wipes are right for your environment.

Safe Materials

Our best-selling polyester wipers are made from non-woven polyester blend of 90/10 polyester/pulp. They are laundered for low particulates. These wipers are excellent for general Class 10 facility use. The metallic ion and extractable levels are extremely low.

Our poly/cellulose wipers are made from a blend of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose fibers. Cellulose is a natural fiber that is highly absorbent, so it adds absorbency to the wipers. When combined with polyester, it has added strength and low particulates perfect for Class 100 use. No chemical binders are needed in production because the materials’ fibers are entangled using a special water stream process to mesh the components.

Our polyester ESD safe wipers are made from a continuous filament micro denier, non-woven material blend of 90/10 polyester/pulp. Static dissipative fibers are interwoven to control electrostatic discharge. Any residual static discharge is locked into the fibers. These cleanroom wipers are Class 1 compatible.

Sealed Edges

For each of our wipers, all four edges are ultrasonic cut and sealed against fiber shedding. This attention to low particulate shedding is what sets cleanroom wipers apart from all other wipes, products and cloths.

High Absorbency

Our polyester cleanroom wipers, poly/cellulose wipers, and polyester ESD safe wipers are all highly absorbent and are well-suited for cleanups of spills and splashes in the cleanroom, microelectronic, laboratory or industrial facility.

Packaged for Low Particulates

All of our wipers are laundered and double packaged for low particulates. Bags are double wrapped and vacuumed sealed in a controlled environment. Check out the Product Data Sheet for each product to see the class environment in which it was created and packaged.

Get your cleanroom wipers in bulk

Spills can’t wait for a supply run. Make sure you have plenty of cleanroom wipers on hand for all the dusting, polishing, cleaning and wipe-ups that take place each day in your cleanroom. Call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a special quote on cleanroom wipes for your facility.

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