3 Things You Don't Want to Do in a Cleanroom

by Kevin Cooper
3 Things You Don't Want to Do in a Cleanroom

Sneezing into the air, scratching your nose, or tucking your hair behind your ear are all rookie mistakes when it comes to cleanroom protocols. Even when every rule is followed, just having people in the sealed room can still mean your cleanroom is at risk. That’s why it takes a village to keep a cleanroom as sterile as possible. At Total Source Manufacturing, we’ve compiled the top three mistakes people make in a cleanroom environment.

Bring In Personal Items

Wearing a watch, carrying in a coffee cup or thermos, keeping a pen, or sneaking in your phone are all cleanroom taboos. Bringing personal items into the cleanroom not only releases loose particulates but also oils and germs into an otherwise sterile environment. The biggest variable in the cleanroom setting is the people, so make sure you are part of the system and not working against it.

Stray from Laboratory Procedures

Exiting the cleanroom and changing your gloves every time you touch your face, blow your nose, move your hair, or sneeze can seem tedious and over-the-top, but these kinds of good habits go a long way in maintaining the cleanroom classification. These procedures are designed to protect you in an environment that often has dangerous substances, as well as to protect the quality of the products being manufactured. Straying from written procedures—even a little—can have a drastic impact on cleanroom integrity.

Disturb Surfaces or Air

Leaning against a counter or leaving spills or messes can introduce contaminants to surfaces. Be sure to use wipers and proper cleaning materials to regularly sanitize surfaces. Moving too quickly through the cleanroom can disrupt airflow and the sanitizing system can be compromised. Even talking or laughing too much can release particulates into the air. It’s important to respect the cleanroom environment and others working there, too.

Get your cleanroom supplies in bulk

Make sure you have enough coveralls, shoe covers, masks, gloves and hoods to help your staff maintain the strict procedures needed in the cleanroom. Call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a quote on bulk cleanroom supplies that can ship fast direct to your laboratory.


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