Why Our Shipping Beats Their Shipping

by Kevin Cooper
Why Our Shipping Beats Their Shipping

When it comes to national and international shipping, the pros at Total Source Manufacturing know their stuff. While other companies flounder and experience multiple delays, we’ve honed our global reach to bring you the distribution supplies you need in a timely manner. Here’s our secret sauce.

One Source

Our unique solution to your distribution needs is our ten supply factories that come together in one fantastic lineup of products. This makes us the leading single source solution.

Cleanroom supplies, medical supplies, PPE products, laboratory supplies, food handling, and manufacturing supplies can all be sourced from us. We’ll do the heavy lifting with fast acquisition and shipping, often in the same day.

Multiple Carriers

Over our 25 years of navigating the tricky waters of multiple carriers, we’ve developed proven processes to ensure your collection of supplies are shipped safely and quickly. We ship pallets and bulk supplies through multiple exchanges with ease.

International Shipping Strategy

The leaders in the supply industry have an international shipping strategy. Our shipping strategy is so well-refined that we consistently ship in bulk around the world in a short amount of time. We know the different countries’ regulations and how to properly prepare packages for the journey.

Documentation System

International shipping won’t get far without the proper documentation at each checkpoint. Certificates of Origin, Commercial Invoices, Shipper’s Export Declaration and more are just samples of the kinds of documents that need to be procured at the right moment. We’ve got you covered. We supply the paperwork needed to make sure you can get your supplies as seamlessly as possible.


Some carriers provide tracking and some do not. We understand that tracking is an essential step to ensure your packages are delivered to the right place and don’t get lost or stolen during clearance through customs. That’s why we opt for tracking whenever possible.

Ship your supplies in bulk

Ready to get started with supply acquisition? We can custom manufacture your medical and lab supplies and have them ready to ship in specially curated quantities. Call us today at Total Source Manufacturing for a quote on your wholesale distribution supplies.


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