Why Choosing the Right Gloves Makes You a Hero

by Kevin Cooper
Why Choosing the Right Gloves Makes You a Hero

When it comes to finding the right gloves for your workforce, it quickly becomes clear that there are a lot of considerations that go into buying gloves. Poor choices include gloves that cause skin sensitivities, transmit contaminants, or fail to protect employees from chemical splashes. At Total Source Manufacturing, we’re here to help you find the right gloves for each application to ensure your workers have the PPE they need for each job.

Low Particulate

Cleanroom gloves need to have low particulate, excellent tensile strength and chemical resistance to alkalis, acids, alcohols and ketones. Our cleanroom latex gloves, cleanroom vinyl gloves, or cleanroom nitrile gloves give you the powder-free options you need for your cleanroom.

Electrostatic Discharge

Sensitive environments require ESD-safe gloves. Our ESD nylon gloves are thin and durable and shed zero lint. Our ESD safe stretch nylon gloves with dots give extra grip. Our cleanroom latex gloves, cleanroom vinyl gloves and cleanroom nitrile gloves are also designed for ESD safety.

Food Safe

Food manufacturing and food handling jobs require sanitary gloves. Try these polyethylene gloves which are lightweight for all-day usage and durable.

Inspection Gloves

When light duty inspection is needed, try the cool and breathable cotton inspection gloves or the sturdier nylon inspection gloves or stretch nylon gloves.

Work Gloves

This collection of gloves are ready for light duty work. Try our cotton jersey gloves, cotton canvas gloves with dots, cotton canvas gloves, string knit cotton gloves, string knit cotton gloves with PVC dots double-sided, or string knit cotton gloves with PVC dots single-sided.

For heat protection and sturdy applications, try our hot mill gloves or the extended version, hot mill gauntlets.

For moderate puncture protection, these light leather gloves or light leather gloves with patch palm are great choices.

Where liquids are a concern, you want to be protected with unsupported latex gloves with comfort liner or flock liner, or canner gloves. String knit, nitrile dipped work gloves, rubber dipped or latex dipped work gloves protect against some liquids and provide extra grip. PVC dipped string knit gloves provide full coverage with a rough finish for extra grip.

Liners for Layering

When layering is needed, try these smooth, thin nylon glove liners that reduce perspiration and support extended wear. Half finger nylon glove liners allow for maximum dexterity retention and fingertip sensitivity.

Exam Gloves

For medical or dental applications, popular exam gloves are our nitrile precision grip—powder-free—for people with latex and powder sensitivities. Or, try our latex sure-grip for excellent grip and chemical resistance. Another good powder-free option is our vinyl exam gloves with pure-grip with a smooth, seamless surface and chemical resistance. For laboratory work, the longer techni-grip powder free latex gloves offer some of the best protection against contamination and chemical hazards.

Ship your glove supplies in bulk

Ready to grab a bulk supply of gloves? We can give you a quote and can ship internationally to make sure your employees have the right gloves for the right jobs. Contact us @ Total Source Manufacturing for more information.

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