How To Properly Store Cleanroom Supplies

by Kevin Cooper
How To Properly Store Cleanroom Supplies

An efficient cleanroom makes the best use of space to store cleanroom supplies and to design an effective floorplan. Expertly storing cleanroom supplies so they are both free of contamination and easily accessible takes a little forethought. At Total Source Manufacturing, we know from experience how to properly store supplies found in cleanroom environments.

Personal Property

Employees need a place to store their outerwear, purses, phones, food and drinks. That’s why many cleanrooms opt for lockers in the outer chamber of the cleanroom entry point. Locked, stainless steel storage lockers can keep the changing area clean and contain the outdoor contaminants.

Garments and Apparel

Low lint, anti-static, chemical resistant garments commonly used in cleanrooms are processed, cleaned and wrapped to ensure the least amount of contamination possible. Coveralls, lab coats, frocks, pants, isolation gowns, and sleeves should all be stored in wall-mounted storage cabinets, shelving systems with containment bins, or HEPA-filtered storage cabinets to preserve this level of cleanliness.


Masks, gloves, bouffants, beard covers, hair nets, hoods, and shoe covers all come with a low-contamination dispensing system, but many cleanrooms prefer to transfer them into custom storage cabinets and bins made out of stainless steel or polypropylene for optimal particulate control.

Cleaning Supplies

While it may seem natural that cleaning supplies should be designated only for the cleanroom and should be stored away from the rest of the building’s cleaning supplies, this is a step that is sometimes missed by newer cleanrooms.


Following protocol for handling acids and bases—including proper storage, ventilation, and disposal—takes careful research and training. Make sure your employees have been properly trained before being allowed to access the cleanroom and its chemical hazards.

Work in Progress

There are automated storage and retrieval machines that can store cleanroom work in a vertical-style cabinet. A system like this can reduce exposure to contaminants and can preserve work for the next shift.

Ship your cleanroom supplies in bulk

Make sure your cleanroom staff have everything they need to do their job, and save time and money by buying supplies in bulk. Contact us @ Total Source Manufacturing for a special quote for your cleanroom supplies.

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