5 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Disposable Garments

by Kevin Cooper
5 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking About Disposable Garments

When it comes to cleanroom environments, disposable garments are the best. At Total Source Manufacturing, we’ve seen reusable garments and know the hazards and difficulties they can pose in a cleanroom setting. That’s why we are excited to tell you more about disposable apparel and why we believe they are superior.

Contamination Control

Launderable garments are often constructed of materials that are not ideal for non-shedding environments. Additionally, the process of laundering and transporting is rarely perfect. You are more likely to have complete control of contamination via garments if you use disposable, one-time use garments.

Splash Protection

When chemical or liquid splashes or spills are a potential hazard, you need garments constructed for maximum repellency power. Reusable apparel is not chemical resistant in the same way that polyethylene-coated polypropylene or 3-layer spunbonded fabrics are designed to be.


Disposable garments come double-sealed and protected against contamination. That makes them easy to organize and store in your gowning room. Launderable apparel has to be hung up and kept in a special area to try to maintain sterility and low particulate transfers. Disposable garments are also easy because they are used once and then tossed. You don’t have to gather them and send them off to be cleaned.


After you factor the high initial costs of reusable garments, and the laundering and transportation costs, as well as the replacement costs as they become unusable due to chemical splashes or punctures and tears, the clear winner for affordability is disposable apparel.

Choice of fabrics

The beauty of choosing your fabric is being able to determine how much liquid barrier you need, how much breathability is required, if softness is a factor, and how important is an anti-static agent. Being able to control these factors and more by choosing the type of fabric is just one more reason why disposable garments are superior to standard reusable garments.

Get your disposable garments today

Ordering disposable garments in bulk can save you time and money. Contact us @ Total Source Manufacturing for a special quote on your disposable apparel. We ship internationally in large and small quantities, as needed.

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