What Cleanrooms are Looking for in a Supply Vendor

by Kevin Cooper
What Cleanrooms are Looking for in a Supply Vendor

As a supply vendor for cleanroom facilities, you are likely working to hone your practices to be the foremost expert in your field. Expanding your influence starts with understanding your cleanroom customers. At Total Source Manufacturing, we’ve put together 3 tips for best practices so you can improve your presentation of cleanroom supplies to your customers and grow your business.


Speed is everything in today’s market. If you can find ways to automate your processes to increase your efficiency, then your cleanroom customers will be more likely to become repeat customers.

Tip: Total Source Manufacturing distributes cleanroom supplies from 10+ factories. Having a one-stop-shop wholesaler where you can get a lot of supplies in one place is the definition of efficiency.

Relationship with Supplier

Cleanroom supervisors are looking for supply vendors who have a seamless relationship with trusted factories or suppliers. Having a relationship with a reputable supplier helps safeguard against costly delays, low quality products and sketchy practices.

If a supply vendor has to stop to figure out shipping procedures, bulk pricing or returns policies, then customers may wonder about the degree of familiarity they have with the supplier and the business in general.

Tip: Just looking at our home page and familiarizing yourself with our easy processes will give you enough information to quickly answer cleanroom supervisors’ questions. Also, our customer service representatives are here to answer your questions.

Product Knowledge

Cleanrooms use a limited amount of supplies in bulk amounts. Cleanroom garments, apparel accessories, documentation supplies, gloves, sticky mats and adhesive rollers are examples of the most common supplies that they will order over and over again.

Tip: Familiarize yourself with these common cleanroom supplies and how to quickly access the Product Data Sheet and Technical Data report readily available in the description section of each product. When a technical question comes up, you can quickly and confidently pull up the data.

Get your bulk cleanroom supplies today

Ready to partner with us to become a distributor? Contact us @ Total Source Manufacturing or fill out our distributor application to get started. Drawing on our expertise in cleanroom supplies, you can have a reliable partner in the vendor industry.

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