Food Service's Best Practices

by Kevin Cooper
Food Service's Best Practices

As you strive to make your food service the absolute best in a highly competitive market, hygiene apparel is the starting point. Your team’s food service apparel is crucial for a successful restaurant, food processing plant, or food service business. Team building, marketing, branding, cost cutting, waste trimming and effective serving won’t mean anything if you haven’t first focused on the basics of prep and serving hygiene.

Before you start to work

Understanding contamination points will help employees as they enter the workplace. Have a protocol in place for storing phones, purses, bags and coats. Phones are especially notorious contamination points as they are moved around from surface to surface and not sanitized. Employees should be instructed to come to work clean and well-groomed with hair pulled back.

A hand washing station with soap and regulation dryers or paper towels should clearly instruct employees to wash for 20 seconds with soap and water and then thoroughly dry hands.

Sneezes and coughs should be covered by a tissue, which is then thrown away along with the gloves, and hands are rewashed.

Before you work with food

Food prep is not even considered until the employee has followed hand hygiene by washing carefully, then following the proper donning protocol. They need to follow the steps for putting on hairnet or bouffant, beard net, shoe covers, apron, mask, eye protection, gloves, and sleeves. Gloves are, of course, replaced frequently for cross contamination prevention.

Before you serve or package food

Servers should sanitize hands before serving food. Gloves and masks are good precautions during the increased safety measures of the pandemic. After food is served, gloves should be disposed of and hands should again be sanitized.

Packagers should also have their hands sanitized and gloved. Masks, bouffants, aprons and sleeves all need to be kept clean.

Each step of the way

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