Masks Under the Microscope

by Kevin Cooper
Masks Under the Microscope

When it comes to filtering viruses and harmful dust, you want to know that your face mask is made out of the best materials. At Total Source Manufacturing, we’ve taken a closer look at disposable masks, their composition and their filtering power to make sure you can get one of the best medical masks, cleanroom masks or dust masks for the job. Let’s take a closer look at how masks are made.


Our medical masks, or surgical masks, have three distinct layers, combined to achieve 0.05 micron filtration at greater than 99%.

The first layer is made of a common sanitary gauze or nonwoven material. Its purpose is to absorb moisture released by breathing. Nonwoven material is not as slippery as woven material and it offers better breathability and better bacteria filtration.

The middle layer is made of fiber meltblown material made from ultrafine polypropylene. This layer is the blocking layer to hold off viruses and bacteria.

The outer layer is a nonwoven material that protects against liquid invasion. It is also made of ultrathin polypropylene meltblown material.


Each surgical mask has a full-length aluminum flat wire for a close, comfortable fit around the nose and maximum filtration protection. The tie-on surgical masks have two sets of polypropylene strings attached while the ear loop surgical masks have elastic strings attached to loop around the ears. These face masks are pleated for comfortable expansion and proper fit. All of our masks are latex free.

Available Options

There are two basic options for your disposable surgical masks. The first option is whether you want tie-on strings or ear loop strings that don’t have to be tied. Dust masks, however, come with one elastic string while N95 particulate respirators come with two elastic strings for tighter wear.

The second option is whether you want an eye shield with tie-on strings or an eye shield with ear loops. The clear visor option offers extra protection from fluid transmission while still being completely transparent and even allowing peripheral vision with eye glasses.

We have what you need

Ensure your team has the right medical mask, cleanroom mask, industrial mask or dust mask for the job. At Total Source Manufacturing, we ship pallets efficiently to make sure you don’t run out of needed supplies.

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