How to Design a Cleanroom Gowning Room

by Kevin Cooper
How to Design a Cleanroom Gowning Room

Designing a cleanroom to specs requires an appropriately outfitted gowning room. The floor plan design, classification standards, and equipment all require careful planning. At Total Source Manufacturing, we keep bulk quantities on hand for your disposable PPE supply needs to ensure a seamless cleanroom production.

Understand the ISO Classification

When you are designing a gowning room for your cleanroom production facility, you first need to determine the appropriate ISO Classification. Cleanrooms in ISO Class 7 or 8 only need lab coats or even aprons while ISO Class 5 or 6 or cleaner need full coveralls, hoods, booties and sterile gloves. Chemical production requires chemical resistant gloves, goggles and coveralls.  

Design the Rooms

A gowning room is supported by a couple additional rooms. The anteroom is divided into the dirty side and the clean side and is separated by an air shower and door air lock to reduce contaminants.

Lockers at the entrance will allow employees to stash their clothes, cell phones, jewelry and street shoes away from the clean areas. Sticky mats in the doorways gather dirt and particulates from feet. Sinks strategically placed allow hand and face washing and drying.

The clean side will require gowning benches, leaning rails for balance, mirrors for gowning self-inspection, and waste bins to collect used supplies and garments.

Plan the HVAC

Your cleanroom will be pressurized with a positive pressure to ensure no outside air penetrates the rooms. High-performance HEPA filtration begins in the gowning room and filters out any airborne dirt or particulates. A carefully designed HVAC system is essential for any cleanroom.

Stock the Shelves

Stainless steel shelves and cabinets need to be arranged with packages of all the gowns, masks, eye protection, hair bouffants, gloves and shoe covers needed for your facility. Your cleanroom will need a variety of sizes and bulk supplies to ensure compliance to the strict gowning procedures.

Buy in bulk

With ten source factory partners, we have the bulk PPE supplies you need to stock your gowning rooms with a variety of sizes. Our products come in sterile, double packaging to meet cleanroom standards. Order a shipment from Total Source Manufacturing to start up your cleanroom with the right supplies.

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