All You Need is Gloves

by Kevin Cooper
All You Need is Gloves

Make sure your employees have a hand up at work with plenty of gloves for every situation. The right glove at the right time is worth its weight in safety and cleanup. That’s why Total Source Manufacturing works to make sure we have plenty of gloves of all compositions ready to ship to you in quantities that will keep your workers well-covered. Check out these many kinds of gloves we keep on hand.

Nitrile Gloves

Strong, soft and flexible, these latex-free gloves are perfect for medical, food service and cleanroom applications, especially when latex gloves may cause allergic reactions. All-purpose nitrile gloves are available in powdered or powder free and in four sizes. Cleanroom nitrile gloves of low particulate manufacturing are chemical resistant and also come in four sizes.

Latex Gloves

Classic exam gloves are made of latex and come in three different grip options. Sure-Grip gloves are chemical resistant, powder free, and offer maximum grip. Sensi-Grip latex exam gloves offer ideal tactical sensitivity and dexterity while still chemically resistant. Techni-Grip exam gloves are a textured glove for exceptional grip and sensitivity with superb chemical resistance.

Cleanroom latex gloves are strong, durable and comfortable. They offer chemical resistance and added tactile ability with textured finger tips. They are available in five sizes and two lengths.

When heavier gloves are needed in food, laboratories and pharmaceutical industries, unsupported latex gloves are handy with tread patterns to improve grip and thick layers to protect hands.

Nylon Gloves

Thin, soft and stretchy, nylon gloves can be used for daily inspections. Lint-free varieties are perfect for cleanroom applications.

Polyethylene Gloves

For fast food service applications, these polyethylene gloves are lightweight and durable. They are thin and will protect from liquids and some chemicals. Anti-static properties make them ideal for light cleanroom applications as well.

Cloth Gloves

Cotton canvas gloves, cotton jersey gloves, and string knit cotton gloves are all great options for general purpose safety gloves. Hot mill gloves and hot mill gauntlet gloves are ready to take on the safe handling of hot objects. They are available in different weights for maximum safety.

Dipped and Dotted

Dipped and coated gloves provide excellent grip and chemical resistance. Cotton lining allows breathability and sweat absorption. Dotted gloves improve grip and provide longer wear.

Get gloves in bulk

If your facility, laboratory, or production plant is low on gloves, now is the time to order. At Total Source Manufacturing, we source gloves from up to ten factories to provide you with the best hand protection needed for your employees to safely do their work. Call us today for a special quote for worldwide shipments of pallets of gloves.

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