Top 3 Things to Improve Your Facility's Safety Record

by Kevin Cooper
Top 3 Things to Improve Your Facility's Safety Record

Slipping on banana peels and running into walls is for cartoons. We all know that safety comes first, but at Total Source Manufacturing, we take it a step further by making sure your processing facility, laboratory or plant has the safety gear needed to keep your workers safe, your equipment in order and your production on schedule. Check out these 3 simple items that every facility needs to improve their safety record.

Hard Hats

Durable and strong, these hard hats are a must-have for every facility. Available in six different colors, these hard hats sport an adjustable headband inside for a great fit. A four-point suspension on the padded sweatband ensures the hat is secure and comfortable. Weighing in at an incredible 13 oz., these hard hats are lightweight and comfortable enough to encourage compliance with every worker.


Protect against hearing damage over extended periods of time in loud work zones with these earmuffs that offer 29dB or 24dB protection. Soft foam lining and a comfortable head band encourages proper use throughout the work day.

Don’t need that much protection? Try our lightweight ear plugs made of soft, squishy foam that form fit to the outer ear canal for lighter protection. The smooth surface repels dirt and stays cleaner longer. Available in bulk boxes starting at a quantity of 200.

Back Support

In the United States alone, more than a million workers suffer from back injuries each year. Back injuries count for one in five workplace injuries or illnesses. These back supports with convenient suspenders to keep them in place can help prevent back injuries and remind workers to use proper lifting techniques. They can also support the muscles prone to developing a hernia.

These 9” straps with stays feature Velcro closures and side pulls to help adjust for comfort. Available in seven sizes to fit all frames, these supports can be ordered in bulk to make sure every employee has the protection they need to do their job.

Get cleanroom supplies in bulk

At Total Source Manufacturing, our sourcing power includes over ten factories to ensure you can have the bulk amounts of safety supplies needed to run a safe facility. Call us today for a special quote for worldwide shipments of pallets of safety equipment.


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