How to Improve Workplace Safety with PPE

by Kevin Cooper
How to Improve Workplace Safety with PPE

Building an excellent workplace safety culture begins with careful planning and proper personal protective equipment (PPE). If your manufacturing facility, industry or business needs a safety boost, it might be time to take a closer look at the PPE that your employees are using or reusing. Cutting corners with PPE and safety procedures are dangerous practices when it comes to workplace safety.

Communicating regularly with your staff and being careful to follow the rules yourself are important practices that underscore the value that you put on safety. In this way, you will be leading by example.

At Total Source Manufacturing, we provide PPE that offers full coverage for a variety of work situations. Let’s look at some specific examples.


Protective lenses are a workplace must. Choose from a variety of safety glasses, goggles or face shields that cover the eyes.


Overexposure to high decibels or being around loud machinery can strain and damage the ears. Consider providing earmuffs rated to 24 decibels or disposable ear plugs for intermittently noisy jobs.


In addition to face shields, you can protect the face with hoods, protective glasses, and hard hats with a protective bill. Face masks, dust masks and particulate respirators are also important for protecting against particulates, dust, pathogens and viruses.


Protecting the head is essential since items falling from overhead, blowing into employees on outdoor job sites and other accidents are common workplace injuries. Consider stocking up on our affordable, one-size-fits-all hard hats. For full coverage, there are places for shields to attach and earmuffs to fit.


For liquid repellent coverage and heat resistance properties, consider using lab coats or coveralls made of spunbonded – meltblown – spunbonded (SMS) fabric.

Hands & Feet

We offer an abundance of gloves to cover every workplace PPE need. Additionally, shoe covers protect feet from light chemical splashes as well as offering the bonus of reducing contamination spread.

Get your PPE in bulk

With over ten factories at Total Source Manufacturing, we readily fill bulk orders and ship pallets around the globe to make sure every corporation has the personal protective equipment needed to keep their employees safe and on the job. Contact us for a special quote on your PPE needs.


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