Step into Shoe Covers

by Kevin Cooper
Step into Shoe Covers

The last thing your workers put on when following the gowning protocol is shoe covers. But booties shouldn’t be the last thing you think about when supplying your cleanroom, food service, or manufacturing donning station. Shoe covers, also called booties or boot covers, can be the first line of defense against contaminants. Total Source Manufacturing offers a full line of options when it comes to stepping into the right booties.

CPE film

Made from low-density CPE film, or compressed polyethylene film, these shoe covers provide excellent liquid repellent while being lint-free. This polyethylene is cast rather than blown. It is subjected to much higher temperatures and has better elastic qualities than blown polyethylene. When low particulate matter is an issue, these blue or white shoe covers are a top choice. Also available with diamond grip.


Made from lint-free polylatex film, these blue shoe covers are designed especially for liquid, chemical and oil resistance. They also have a low particulate matter. Polylatex is a common name for compressed polyethylene (CPE).

SMS fabric

These popular shoe covers are made of spunbonded – meltblown – spunbonded (SMS) fabric which has three layers sealed together as one. Spunbonded layers are pressed between heated rollers. This creates a chemical and liquid resistant layer and is incredibly durable. The meltblown layer, made of melted and blown thermoplastic, adds a layer of softness. The result is a boot cover that is resistant to splashes and dry particulates. It comes in an extra-large, universal size.


Made of spunbonded olefin, these durable shoe covers are ideal for laborers and factory workers who need clean shoes at work. They are resistant to liquid splashes.

Polyethylene-coated polypropylene

For general purpose industrial applications, take a look at these popular shoe covers. They provide a liquid barrier and are very durable. They also are low-particulate for less risk of contamination.

PVC sole

For conditions that require extra stability, this shoe cover provides maximum grip power with its addition of a PVC sole to the olefin fabric.

Conductive strips

To guard against the transmission of static, this spunbonded polyethylene shoe cover is fitted with a carbon conductive strip along the sole. Also available in a skid-free sole.

Skid-free sole

These spunbonded polyethylene shoe covers come with a skid resistant sole for added workplace safety.

Boot covers

Try these full-coverage boot covers on for size. With enough room for boots, a PVC sole for skid resistance, and an elastic top, these extra-durable, but breathable, olefin covers can keep contamination down.

Get your PPE in bulk

With over ten factories sourced at Total Source Manufacturing, we can fill your bulk shoe cover order and ship it in pallets around the world. Contact us for a special quote on your shoe cover order.


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