The Insider's Guide to Cleanroom Documentation

by Kevin Cooper
The Insider's Guide to Cleanroom Documentation

Grabbing a pen and paper to record your work is not as easy as it sounds when you’re in a cleanroom, sterile environment. The paper, pens, notebooks and sticky notes you take into the cleanroom and use every day have to meet certain standards for particulate retention and the prevention of chemical contamination. Total Source Manufacturing provides you with the cleanroom documentation supplies you need to carefully preserve your work.


For writing and printing purposes, it is important to use loose paper that resists particulate shedding and chemical exportation. Available in five colors and two sizes, this paper is sure to take care of your paper ream needs.

Or, choose pre-punched loose paper that’s ready to go into your 3-ring binder. Coated with a special polymar formula, this white paper retains particulates to keep your work station clean.


Subject to frequent wipe-downs with alcohol or cleaning products, cleanroom pens need to have a poly barrel to resist particulate loss and low sodium ink. Choose from blue, black or red, depending on your cleanroom documentation protocol.


To make fast and clean labels, this Cleantack tape leaves no sticky residue behind when removed but adheres well to a variety of surfaces such as metal, glass, plastic and wood. This low contaminant tape is manufactured and sealed to maintain cleanroom standards. Choose from six colors that come in 36 yard spools, sold individually.


Available in standard white, these 3-ring binders can hold your punched cleanroom paper in one place. Built to withstand frequent cleanings, this 55-gauge polyethylene cover is perfect for your cleanroom documentation. Choose from three sizes and add the 1/5” cut cleanroom tab dividers to help you stay organized.


Whether you like 3x5” top spiral-bound lined notebooks for journal entries or side spiral-bound notebooks for record keeping, these white notebooks are cleanroom safe with particulate control. The side spiral-bound notebooks are available in three sizes and are either lined or grid.

Sticky Notes

Don’t leave your favorite note-taking product behind when you step into the cleanroom. These white sticky notes are reusable and are designed to not leave behind residue or particulates.


To hold your standard sized paper, this ¼” polypropylene clipboard has a durable plastic clip mechanism to maintain cleanroom standards.

Get your cleanroom documentation supplies in bulk

Having plenty of paper, pens, notebooks and binders handy will keep your cleanroom running smoothly and will help prevent accidental cross-contamination from outside products being brought in to the workplace.

With over ten factories sourced at Total Source Manufacturing, we fill large cleanroom documentation orders every day. We ship pallets to your destination around the world. Contact us for a special quote on your cleanroom documentation order.

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