What You Need to Know About Exam Gloves

by Kevin Cooper
What You Need to Know About Exam Gloves

Exam gloves are a big part of everyday life for those in the medical, cleanroom, laboratory, and manufacturing worlds. If you ask them what they think about examination gloves, they will likely have many opinions about strength, softness, durability, dexterity, comfort, and ease-of-use.

If this conversation concerns you, understanding the differences in exam gloves doesn’t have to be hard. As an informed medical supplier, you can confidently present exam gloves to your customers. With a little help from Total Source Manufacturing, you can quickly understand the key features of examination gloves and expertly rep them in your product offering.

Powdered or Powder Free Gloves?

One of the first questions customers will ask is about powdered versus powder free gloves. Powdered gloves, while easier to don and, arguably, more comfortable to wear, are no longer widely used in medical and industrial applications due to contamination concerns.

Powder Free latex gloves are treated with a single chlorination process to remove excess powder and to reduce friction. Powder Free vinyl exam gloves or Nitrile exam gloves are the go-to gloves when latex sensitivities prohibit other gloves.

Chemical Resistance

When acids, alkalis, alcohols, and ketones are present, you need the ultimate protection against contamination as is found in our Techni-Grip 10” latex exam gloves or our popular Latex exam gloves. A textured finish ensures maximum grip for chemical safety.

Puncture Resistance

When punctures or tears are a concern, Latex exam gloves provide added protection with excellent tensile strength. Nitrile exam gloves are also very durable and are popular in dental, medical and laboratory applications.

Finish Details

Finally, you can be confident that our exam gloves are tested twice to ensure they offer the highest quality, strength and flexibility available. They are manufactured with a textured finish to provide excellent grip in both wet and dry applications.

Get your bulk exam gloves today

Now that you understand the differences in exam gloves, are you ready to order in bulk so you can efficiently supply your customers? Total Source Manufacturing is standing by to offer you the best quote and the fastest shipping possible to make sure you have all the exam gloves needed.





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